About Us

Mingquan Group Co., Ltd. is located in Chemical Industry Park, Diaotown, Jinan City, Shandong Province. Formerly known as Jinan Mingshui Chemical Fertilizer Factory, it was founded in 1958 and was one of the first 13 sets of small nitrogen fertilizer demonstration plants in China. In June 2005, it implemented a strategic joint venture with Shanxi Jincheng Anthracite Coal Industry Group Co., Ltd. We started the project of retreating from the city and entering the park in September 2013, and our factory was relocated to the Diao town Chemical Industry Park as a whole entity. In July 2017, we put the project of the clean coal gasification into operation and achieved results. We renamed this factory as Mingquan Group Co., Ltd. on September 20, 2019. At present, our company has more than 3,500 employees, and our leading products include methanol, liquid ammonia, urea, hydrogen peroxide, pyridine, and 3-methylpyridine, etc. Now, we annually sell CNY 5 billion of productcs, and our economic and technological indexes are at the advanced level in the industry of China.

Up to now, our company has won a number of honors such as Advanced enterprise at 60th development anniversary of China's nitrogen fertilizer industry, advanced enterprise in Shandong Province, advanced energy-saving enterprise in Shandong province, advanced industrial energy-saving enterprise in the industry of China, advanced enterprise of industrial energy-saving, national energy-saving secondary enterprise, advanced unit of production safety, Jinan Environmental Protection Credit Grade-A enterprise; at the same time, our products have been rated as Shandong Famous Brand Products, Shandong Famous Brands, China International Agricultural Expo Famous Brand Products, and National Inspection-free Products for Product Quality. In 2017, our "New Model of Clean Coal Gasification Technology (MTA) Industrialized Intelligent Manufacturing" project was rated as "Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Item in Shandong Province"; our company was identified as "Shandong Enterprise Technology Center" by the Shandong Province Economy and Informatization Commission, was rated as "the pilot enterprise for the implementation of the two-integration (IT application with industrialization) management system in 2017" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Mr. Sun Honghai, Chairman of the Board and Secretary of the Party Committee of the Company, has been awarded the "Top-Ten People in the Twelfth Five-Year Plan" of China's petroleum and chemical industry, People with outstanding contributions to development of China' s nitrogen fertilizer industry in past 60 years, People with outstanding contributions in the reforming and opening of China's petroleum and chemical industry in past 40 years, Leading entrepreneur in Shandong Province, Outstanding Entrepreneur in Jinan city, Jinan City Model Worker, Outstanding Entrepreneur of "Contribution Shandong" and Influential Jinan Economic Figures in 2017.

The old and new kinetic energy are converted, Mingquan is on the way. In July 2017, the clean coal gasification item using the international advanced pressurized gasification process was successfully driven and worked at the first time, that marks our company successfully completed the conversion of new and old kinetic energy initially, and achieves the goal of "using the opportunity of relocation to realize the transformation and upgrading of enterprise". While reinforcing and consolidating the basic industry, our company has established a "new three-high" development strategy of "adopting high technology, researching and producing high-end chemical products, and realizing high added-value", and fostered new kinetic energy for the growth of the company. In order to implement the "new three-high" strategy, our company set up a polymer material research and development center in Beijing. At present, the research and development team has broken through the laboratory preparation technology of related polymer materials, and has received high attention from the science and technology management departments of Beijing and Shandong Province. This means that the domestic substitution of polymer materials has made important progress.

Our company adheres to the development philosophy of "benefiting employees" and the talent concept of "combining virtue and talent, and putting virtue first", and has established a staff promotion channel system of management, technology and workers in three sequences; we also strive to make employees share the development of the enterprise through constantly improving the level of compensation and treatment. Our company integrates excellent Sinology culture into the construction of corporate culture, aims to fully stimulate the endogenous motivation and creative vitality of the enterprise, and strive to create a sincere, friendly and harmonious working atmosphere.

Mingquan has entered a new stage of rapid, high-quality and asset-lighting development. In the next year, our company's operating scale will reach more than CNy 10 billion; in the next three years, our company will become a modern high-end chemical company with a solid ammonia (alcohol) industry foundation and outstanding high-end industrial advantages. All Mingquan people will always adhere to the original intention of "a century-old enterprise, glowing new, benefiting employees, and returning to the society", and work hard to practice the ideal of "serving the country by industry" and constantly strive forward.